Series of workshop

This is the series of workshop where Blind Walk project has led to developed the project as the form of workshop which everyone can work on understanding our own body and share the experience using the body together with others.

The workshop focuses on the body awareness and extending the possibility of body and movement.

We all carry our body and every one of ours is different. Realizing the possibility of our own body leans more of understanding about self and others. It can also help to support the self-growth, the exercises offer to deepen the knowledge of how our body function by use of daily movement such as walking, standing, running etc.

In the workshop, we use the senses to observe what is happening around us, the sense of seeing is core subject in the workshop to explore and discover. It is very open form that does not require any experience of dance or movement, only the curiosity and openness to try and discover is most important in this workshop.

The workshop is suitable for all kinds of discipline, Mami will come to lead the workshop at school or events.

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The workshop series has been hosted by...

- Training Senses @Marres ( )

​- Master Architectuur @ Maastricht Academy of Architecture ( ​ )

​- Mandril Cultural and Political centre ( )

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