Artistic Direction/Choreography/Dance: Mami Izumi
Coach: Joost Vrouenraets
Light Design: Jean Lou Cagler
Stage Design: Marq Claessens
Sound composition: Loran Delforge
Costume Design: Verena Klein, URU Tokyo
Videography: Simon Bus

Produced by GOTRA
Co-produced by  Via Zuid, Musica Sacra Festival Maastricht
Supported by  FASHIONCLASH Festival, PAS Festival

Special thanks to: Audrey Wang, Atsushi Matsumoto, Thomas Goodwin, Alan Reinders, Mr,Tsuruta, Toshiyuki Kondo (ARINOBE CO.,LTD.)



​Cotton 綿 

To see what has been left behind
To think of what we can leave for the future
I would like to go on a journey of childhood memories.

I have always been attached with the material cotton, as my mother used a lot of cotton products for pampers, towels, and clothing growing up, causing it to resonate in me in my daily life nowadays. Cotton products always give me a feeling of homeliness, motherhood and warmth.

In my country, we have a way to express things with metaphors. We use metaphors in countless ways stemming from flowers, seasons, animals or other phenomena, which I believe makes people understand more easily and would even in many ways make it more unique whilst universal.

I was always fascinated by metaphors that contain a presence of the word cotton, like 綿々 (men-men). It insinuates the aspect of endless continuation, the process of making one long thread from raw cotton. We can imagine the act as well as the image of continuation and formalization at the same time, which helps me connect and understand things better.

The material cotton became embedded in me through my upbringing and culture, in its physicality and metaphoric ways, even without me knowing it.
Handmade products are timeless; products made by one single individual. As a child, I have been using and given materials which were produced by my mother, my grandmother, and friends. Those handmade, authentic products have shaped me as a person, for me they express the warmth and protection of the people around me when I was little.

These people transmitted precious values to me through the objects/products authentically from their time. These values make me stand as a person.

It makes me wonder what we can transmit nowadays in such an environment where everything is produced in mass, synthetically, and far less timeless in use and design. Through this piece I would like to raise the question of how and what people pass on nowadays to the next generation.