The Blind Walk project is a unique experimental performance in a public space where the audience and performers come together to co-create the performance.

The project is an experimental performance with an essential concentration on interaction with audience; every audience member is an active participant who must use their own bodies, that means they will be active for the entire performance.

This doesn’t mean that the participants are required to have trained movement skills or dance background in order to be part of the performance; the activity of the participant will be simple movement as most of us perhaps do in everyday life: walking.


-Walking, closed eyes and guidance-


Walking is very simple move that most of us somehow do: make a step, shift the weight and change to other foot, and again same repetition.

We do this action to achieve to go where you want to go, we don’t think when we are walking “ok now I lift up one foot and place it on the floor and other one and other one and again and again….”

So, we will walk as we do usually, that will be movement that the audience needs to do, natural movement.

But now there is one more thing that they don’t do ‘usually’.

They will be walking with their eyes closed in public space where you ‘usually’ walk alone without having any problem.

Each participant will be accompanied by one of our guides who will support them to take care of safety.

It will be a one-on-one experience; every guide will be walking together with a participant for the entire performance, it will literary be the participant’s safe keeper as well as temporary partner for the time of the performance. In this way, it creates some sort of new and strange relationship among two persons that haven’t got to know each other personally.


The audience will see all in black as they close their eyes; what they can rely on is movement and other senses such as hearing, smell, taste and touch. Many things in our surrounding move frequently and we are consciously and unconsciously finding a way to relate with them. When the eyes are closed, only black space will remain.

This black space creates the shift of mind focus more to the inside, by closing the tool of connection which is eyes/sight, the world stays inside of you and your imagination is activated on creating your own view of world with the information that you gain from other senses.


The audience will go through the journey for a certain length of time, most probably be confronted mentally and physically by how much it is limited to do normal movement which they do ordinary.

After this performance, they will experience the differences through seeing the information of the outside world once they open the eyes again.

I believe our thoughts and ideas are made by the world around us. If we want to understand ourselves and our world, we have to understand the material forces and surroundings of yourself in our world.

This project comes soon in;

 FASHIONCLASH festival in Maastricht on 30/07/2017

and more...

Blind Walk Project


Direction/Concept : Mami Izumi

Adviseer : Yvette van der Slik

Costume design : Verena Klein

Image design : Audrey Wang

Mami Izumi is produced by Gotra, co-produced by VIA ZUID

Blind Walk is supported by fashionclash festival