Series of workshop

Blind Walk project has started as the experimental performance in which the participant co-creates the performance. The founder Mami Izumi has developed the project as the form of workshop which everyone can work on understanding our own body and share the experience using the body together with others.

The series consist of different themes. Throughout the workshop, we aim to gain new knowledge and discover about the body and enrich the personal experience.

First edition of workshop consist of those themes:

1. body, sense, movement  (01/12)

The first workshop in this series will introduce you about the body in which we move in everyday life.

How we experience and the body both from inside and outside ? By being aware of the senses, we will use the exercise to understand the body how it responses and co-respond to the things and objects. 

We will work both individual to focus on you own body, and with others to understand how each bodies do differently. By discovering, it may open up the possibility to give the opportunity. 

2. space, self and others (08/12)

This session will guide you to go a bit deeper to what we deal in our life. We will start with the exercises to open up the senses as it is also the follow up of the first workshop, and we will work on understanding what the relation of our bodies in & with the space. Also going to introduce the layer in the communication by understanding what the space does to our way of expression. It creates the sensitivity that can apply to our everyday life. 

No need of the experience of dance or physical practice!! 

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Date : 01/12 (sat) - body, sense, movement -
           08/12 (sat) - space, self and others -

Place : Kumulus Maastricht
            Herbenusstraat 89
            6211 RB Maastricht

Time : 10:00 - 13:00 (including 15min break)

Normal fee :  € 15 - (each workshop)

Student fee : € 5 - (each workshop)

What to bring?   
             - comfortable cloth, socks and water bottle
             (The dressing room is next to the studio. )

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